Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Cake Favorite- A Princess Cake from Glaus Bakery

In high school, my friend, Missy, had a birthday just 1 day before mine. Our Junior year, she kindly invited me to have a joint party at her house. It was then I was introduced to her favorite birthday cake.. a white cake with raspberry filling, a cream frosting, covered with a layer of marzipan. Only a few bakeries in town even bother making this type of cake, sometimes called a "Princess Cake". The almond flavor of the marzipan and the raspberry filling combine to make magic in my mouth.

Schmidt's Bakery and Glaus Bakery

Since then, if I'm feeling extra special, I request this cake for my celebration. Hope you all enjoy the virtual piece I'm sharing with you. I'm picking one up this afternoon, so maybe you'll get a picture by tomorrow!

Happy Birthday!

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